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TSS Visa Will Replace the 457 Visa from March 2018

Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Will Replace The 457 Visa From March 2018. There are 2 categories, Short Term Stream and Medium Term Stream. We explain below.

Short-Term Stream

  • This stream will have visa validity of 2 years and capacity of one onshore visa renewal under the Short-Term stream.
  • Visa fees for this visa stream would be $1150
  • STSOL will apply to this visa stream which includes around 435 occupations. Regional Area employer will have some flexibility with additional occupations available to them.
  • English requirements remains the same as current 457 visa which is Overall 5 bands with minimum of 4.5 in each.
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements will apply
  • 2 Years of relevant work experience is required for this visa.

Medium Term Stream

  • This stream will have visa validity of 4 years compared to other 2 years and visa fees would be $2400.
  • This stream will have the capacity for visa renewal onshore and a permanent residence pathway after three years under the Medium-Term stream.
  • Less number of occupations available to nominate in this stream as this is going to be highly skilled shortage occupations. This list will be called MLTSSL and it replaces current Skilled occupation list.
  • English requirements have been increased to all 5 bands for this category.
  • 2 Years of relevant work experience is required for this visa.

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Work Experience – at least 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Labour Market Testing will be mandatory which means reports and all.
  • Employers must pay market salary rate to these employees which meet the minimum of Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold $53,900 for now.
  • Australian Federal Police Clearance or Penal Clearance will be required.
  • A non-discriminatory workforce test to ensure that Australian employers are not misusing the program and discrimination against Australian workers.