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Canada Wants International Students to Become Permanent Residents

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, says the Government of Canada wants international students to become permanent residents in Canada.

Hussen told Parliament’s Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration that helping international students stay in Canada is a key facet of Canada’s new multi-year immigration levels plan for 2018-2020.
“Part of our push for multi-year planning is to have more space for international students and other skilled individuals who would like to live in Canada,” Hussen said.

Deputy Immigration Minister Marta Morgan told the committee that there are currently a number of pathways for students to become permanent residents either by applying through the federal Express Entry selection system or by taking advantage of Provincial Nominee Programs, which are designed to meet labour market needs.

Committee member Randeep Sarai, a Liberal Member of Parliament from Surrey, British Columbia, asked Hussen to clarify whether the government’s multi-year immigration levels plan accounted for the prospective increase the number of international students applying for permanent residence.

The minister confirmed that such an increase was factored into the plan’s admission targets for the next three years.
International students an Express Entry priority

The committee also considered the government’s reasons for its November 2016 changes to the Express Entry system’s Comprehensive Ranking System that reduced the number of points it awards for a job offer from 600 to between 50 and 200 points.

At the same time, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada introduced new points for Canadian study experience.


We wish to bring to your immediate attention the information provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) regarding the changes being made to the existing SPP program from India. The name of the program is being changed to Study Direct Stream (SDS). The students wishing to apply through the SDS program will have to meet the following criteria.
1. Provide Academic IELTS results with an overall 6.0 as well as a 6.0 for all sub-bands, listening, reading, writing and speaking.
2. Provide a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000 as proof of ability to self-support.
3. Provide proof of tuition payment for the first yea
These changes will be applicable to all study permit applications received from February 1, 2018 irrespective of the date of the LOA / Offer letter.